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The Grapple Annual is a calendar-based anthology, always full of excellent prose, poetry, comics and art. It’s Grapple Publishing’s flagship publication. Each Annual is a diverse collection, with contributors from all over Canberra, across Australia and around the world. Only 365 numbered and dated copies of each Annual are printed (366 in leap years). It’ll hook and hold you for the whole year.

What do people reckon?

The Grapple Annual No. 1 is officially the Small Press Network’s Most Underrated Book of 2015!

In 2014, Express Media gave us an award for it: Most Innovative New Project or Work by a young person or young persons in 2014.

The Grapple Annual is an excellent new anthology, with a real mix of writers and artists involved. It’s certainly nice to see such a diverse publication and a wide range of topics being discussed. This is definitely one to watch.’ – Katelin Farnsworth, Writers Bloc

Alsey Ann Condie also had some good words for us in BMA Magazine.



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(Or you could even check out the copies at the National Library of Australia or one of the ACT Public Libraries).

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We recently announced the list of contributors and works in The Grapple Annual No. 2! Expect it soon, in the second half of 2016.

Submissions for The Grapple Annual No. 3 will open even sooner. Pitches are still open all the time.

Any questions? editor at grapplepublishing dot com


The Grapple Annual No. 1


Mount Olympos, a short story by Jane Downing (January 1)

– Notes from Shanghai, a short story by Ella Jeffery (January 17)

Moths, a novelette by Kirk Marshall (January 29)

Event, Tour, Shutter, a short story triptych by Kate Hall (February 1)

How To Kill and Cook a Cat, a short story by Eric Greene (March 17)

The First of April, memoir by Alexandra Neill (April 1)

Red Eyes, a short story by Raphael Kabo (April 8)

– The Emergent Story of the Australian Frontier, an essay by Paul W Newbury (April 25)

– Travelling left, a short story by Irma Gold (May 4)

– Petrel Migration, art by Paul Heppell (May 10)

– We Are All Flesha poem by Andy Jackson (June 2)

Four Days, poetry by Yolande Norris (June 7)

– The Day She Wed, a short story by Tadhg Muller (June 24)

individual tax return instructions, a poem by Monica Carroll (June 30)


– The Penultimate Report of Sergeant Burns, a short story by David Stevens (July 16)

The Sun Eater, Catalonia, 17 July 1936 to 17 July 2013, Miró and Picasso, a poem by Andrew Galan (July 17)

– Moonlandinga short story by David Spitzkowsky (July 20)

Strange Creatures, two short fictions by Alyson Miller (July 26)

Unconditional, a poem by Charlotte Clutterbuck (August 9)

Paper Sky, memoir by Annette Ong (August 23)

A Latecomer’s Lament, a short story by David Coleman (August 28)

Hunting Season, 4350, a poem by Vanessa Page (September 21)

The Death of Narcissus, a short story by Georgia Kartas (October 18)

– Glut, a comic by Ben Rosenthal and Mike Perry (October 21)

Sequence #1, Sequence #3 and Sequence #8, poetry by Gregory A Gould (October 27)

October 31, a short story by Nick Marland (October 31)

He was close, a short story by D A Shorr (November 1)

– Grim X-pectations, non-fiction by Sonya Deanna Terry (November 20)

Ants, a comic by Finbah Neill (November 21)

Reef Knot, a poem by Les Wicks (November 30)

– The Misunderstood Prophet, non-fiction by Steven Gepp (Dec 14)

– We Three, a short story by Sian Campbell (December 24)

– This one is true., a poem by Eleanor Malbon (December 25)

with additional artworks throughout by Issi Bailetti, Grace Blake, Sarah McCauley, Kayla Piris and Shu Shu Zheng.

Editor: Duncan Felton

Designer: Finbah Neill

Editorial Assistant: Lucy Nelson

The Grapple Annual No. 1 was officially launched at the National Young Writers Festival in Newcastle, in early October 2014 (we were part of the Launch Orgy there was wrestling in leotards to a mashup soundtrack), with a Canberra launch in November 2014. You can buy a copy online now!

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